“Writing from her life experience, Rachel has compiled a collection of potent insights to present moments in a deck of cards that we all can draw from. Inside this box is a whole lot of thinking outside the box. Treat yourself or someone you love to a series of universal truths crafted with unique and gorgeous perspective. 

~Michael Ann Erlewine

“So tickled! Mailman brought me my TWO Haiku for Thought decks by Rachel Marco-Havens. One signed and the other sealed. Whee! I pulled a card to see what the deck brought to me…
Let the magic flow
From a place of assurance
All is very well
~ Arewn Lynch
“Just found my Haiku Deck in the mailbox ! What a wonderful surprise. I definitely was not expecting it to arrive so soon. Thank you, Rachel ! A warm burst of love & compassion, in these still dark days. I am so tempted to just go lie in bed & read them all straight through. I needed this , so badly. I know we all are suffering our losses & trying to re-group. Thank you for the time & energy you took to do this, for us all. Many Blessings.”
“What an auspicious gift I picked up on an electric Woodstock Christmas Eve,  along with warm Rachel exuberance!
Wonderful haiku
help us to open our hearts
beauty of the world”
~Blaise Sackett
(We love that Blaise was inspired to write a Haiku!!! ~P. O. M. P.)

8 thoughts on “TESTIFY!

  1. I love my Haiku For Thought cards!
    They seem to always bring a smile to my face.
    Rachel Marco-Havens Sun has tapped into the universal poetry that we all need to be a part of.
    The cards themselves are beautiful. The poetry more so.
    Simply INSPIRING. Love and Light, wrapped up in the perfect package.
    Thank you Rachel!
    Aaron Hadelman

  2. I’d like to share with you one of the miracles your insightful Deck mirrored for my beloved life partner Mikio (whom you’ve met thru the music scene over the years).

    While Mikio was in ICU, having been the 1 in 100 who survive the emergency open heart surgery for a very complicated Aortic Dissection, he was gifted your deck by our dear friend Mike DuBois. This is what the first card that Mikio drew from the deck revealed!!

    Start Fresh In Your Heart
    Honor Yourself And Be Free
    Then You Can Give More

    Thank you & Blessingsss to you Rachel!
    Your friendly neighborhood Snake priestess ~~~<

  3. Today I had my Creative Writing students each pull a card from Rachel’s Deck. Students shared, commented, and wrote about their unique haiku. All students were awed and inspired by the relevance that Rachel’s words of wisdom had on their current situations. Haiku for Thought is a must-have for writing teachers! Thank you, Rachel. Your impact is profound!

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