Ahead of Our Time And Just In Time For Brides


When I originally envisioned the color of the Box, It was going to be Yellow. A sort of soft Sunflower Yellow as you can see on the images here on the website. But when the proofs came back from the printer in India, the Decks were this sort of cantaloupe orange. Certainly not the color I was looking for, but as I have lived with them for the last year, I have come to really enjoy the color they turned out.

Speaking of turns out… Turns out…

This Spring/Summer, the deck is destined to make it’s appearance at a wedding near you! If you are following the color trends of the season, you will notice that we are right in line with the program!

So if you are looking for a simple way to send your guests home with a thoughtful gift, Haiku For Thought is enjoyed by people of all ages, gender and political leaning. At wholesale, they may be even more affordable than filling gift bags.

If you just want to add a little something special for the Wedding Party, this is a way to spruce up a gift bag and add something that will always remind them of the happiness they shared on your Wedding day.

An open deck on every table at dinner. No matter how hard you work to get the settings right,  those awkward moments are so often shared at wedding tables. Haiku For Thought can afford many an opportunity to break the ice and/or redirect attention.

**Every Wedding Order comes with a personalized Haiku for the Bride and Groom**

If you are interested in discussing prices, and/or ways you can include a little Haiku into your wedding experience,



Wedding Trend Color Suggestion images came from here, check them out for more ideas!